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Choose from our selection of Kratom Vein Colors in leaf powder. Choose one of the following. –

Green Kratom Powder x 15g
White Kratom Powder x 15g
Red Kratom Powder x 15g
Yellow Kratom Powder x 15g

Kratom renders different effects depending on the leaf’s original vein color as well as an individual’s tolerance. Suggested Use Page


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10 Vegan Capsules (0.4 Net OZ), 50 Vegan Capsules (1.8 Net OZ), 125 Vegan Capsules (4.4 Net OZ), 250 Vegan Capsules (8.8 Net OZ)

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Green Kratom Capsules x 15g, White Kratom Capsules x 15g, Red Kratom Capsules x 15g, Yellow Kratom Capsules x 15g, Green Kratom Powder x 15g, White Kratom Powder x 15g, Red Kratom Powder x 15g, Yellow Kratom Powder x 15g